Meet the new Thumbtack.

Thumbtack spent 9 years not thinking about brand. We thought about growth and scrappiness and small businesses and hiring a piano teacher for your kid. We tested things that didn’t work. Learned lessons and tried again.

Our story has never been about catching lightning in a bottle. It’s been about discovering things. Like who we were. And what we wanted to be.

This is Thumbtack.

A single promise.

We make it easier to get more done. That’s our brand promise to customers and pros — a promise grounded in ease, possibility and accomplishment. These principles guide our words, our illustrations, our videos, everything.


Simple design and language makes Thumbtack delightfully easy to use.


Our pros are good at everything. We highlight them to inspire possibility.


That feeling of crossing something off your list? We want to tap into that.

Meet the Thumbtack thumbtack.

Finally, our logo is an actual tack. Not a pushpin.

One brand, one identity.

Companies tend to create different branding for different sides of the marketplace. One for pros, one for customers. But everyone on Thumbtack is looking for the same thing: a job well done. So we have a single brand that works for both.

Brand is a canvas.

Our business is other businesses, so our brand can’t be so dominant that they can’t shine. We leave plenty of wiggle room with abundant white space, a beautiful blue as our primary color, and a secondary palette that frees us up to do more.

A radically honest voice.

To-do lists can be daunting. Projects can be messy. We’re not here to sugar coat — we’re here to help.

Being honest frees us from fluff and marketing jargon, and lets us write like customers and pros actually talk. We acknowledge that life, and Thumbtack, isn't perfect. So for pros, we say things like “This is going to take a while to fill out.” For customers, we say "Nobody likes doing taxes. Except accountants, and we know plenty of those."

A clean typeface.

Our new typeface, Mark, is straightforward and hardworking. Just like our pros.

Real life.

Our new photography style features real people doing real stuff in real places. We feature brides, grandpas, kids, dogs, pool parties, muddy boots, cut grass and about as big a slice of life as we can find.

Larry Z.

Scuba Diving Lessons

Draper, UT

Champagne H.

DJ and MC Services

Oakland, CA

Christina B.

Outdoor Landscaping

Huntersville, SC

Larger than life.

Our pros do literally everything you can think of, and they do it on their own, forging small businesses all across the country. We capture the people and the pride.

See the brand come to life on our new homepage and the Thumbtack app on iOS and Android.

Rebranding Thumbtack has been a company-wide effort but we couldn’t have done it without some help from our good friends at Instrument and Very True Story.